Wholesale Terms

Terms of sale
  1. A minimum purchase of $ 250 is required on all orders.
  2. We are proud to make each product as fresh as possible. All our products are handmade; We do not produce our products in bulk and we do not store as commercial products, so there may be a delay in receiving your order. Please note that once a bulk order is placed and the payment received, the production of the order begins. Smaller orders may be immediately available, while larger orders will need time to pocess due to scheduling of ingredients and supplies..
  3. Once the order has been placed and the payment received, we are not able to take into account major changes or subtractions of your order.
  4. All our handmade products are sensitive to extreme temperatures. Do not leave products stored or exposed in hot, sunny places or in cold temperatures. Climate control of natural products is very important. We are not responsible for product degradation that occurs due to storage outside of our location. Each product is inspected before shipping and is in an optimal condition.
  5. Please inspect your order carefully upon receipt. If you believe that an item or part of your order is defective, please contact Bubble Shop immediately. Any errors need to be advised within 1-2 days of receiving. If it is determined that there is a defect, we require that all or part of the product be sent to us for our assessment of the problem and the determination if the product needs to be replaced. Our goal is to ALWAYS provide the absolute highest quality natural product to our customers at all times
  6.  Wholesale orders do not qualify for free shipping or flat rate, please select correct shipping. 
  7. Please allow 2-6 weeks for orders to be send out (depending on inventory availability). Average order time is 2-3 weeks when items are in stock. No returns accepted due to the naature of the product. 
  8. Payment required to start production. Placing your order means acceptance of our terms. We retain the right to make any product changes. Please keep a copy of this wholesale agreement for your records. We are looking forward to doing business with you!

    Thank you Adelina