Making the switch to natural deodorant.

We have all heard about all the potential dangeous ingredients found in conventional deodorants and antipersperants. (Aluminum, parbens, phathalates). 

It took me years of research, experimenting and testing before launching our current formula. Making the switch isn't always easy but in the long run worth it and you will be happy you did.

You may experience more sweating at first, this is healthy and normal. Due to lack of toxic ingredients it won't interfere with your bodies natural detoxification process (sweating). After making the switch if you experience extra sweating don't worry this will normalize over time. It usually takes 2-3 weeks to detox.

Some individuals experience redness and irritation while adjusting. Here are some tips to making the swicth:
Always make sure to apply on clean skin.
Your body can also need time to adjust.
Warm deo underarms before applying to reduce friction. Don't over apply! 1-2 swipes is more than enough or dab on.
Shave night before and apply deodorant in morning vs immediately.
Keep underarms well moisturized ( our utlra cream is recommended). 
If irritation does occur give your underarms a day to rest.
Apply/ dab on apple vinegar to balance ph. 

Hope these tips help make the switch easier. Feel free to contact us at anytime with any questions.